The Prince of Diamonds

We are proud to announce that the PrinceCut® diamond is now available in the UK exclusively from Diamond Centre Wales.

In our ongoing mission to bring the most beautiful jewellery to our customers, we have worked closely with our suppliers to gain exclusive rights in the UK to sell a new shape of diamond – The PrinceCut® Diamond.

A stunning new interpretation of the classic Emerald cut, the PrinceCut® diamond brings unmatched levels of fire and brilliance to one of the most elegant of diamond shapes.

With its timeless beauty and 111 facets of pure scintillation, the PrinceCut® diamond brings a magical combination of fire and ice to any fine jewellery piece.

The arrival of the PrinceCut® diamond is just one of the exciting developments we have this year.

Our passion constantly challenges us to push the boundaries of jewellery design, constantly seeking innovative & exciting ideas without compromising on quality, taste or ethics.

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We are delighted to have been chosen as the exclusive distributors of PrinceCut diamonds in the UK & are really excited to start creating stunning & unique jewellery for our customers using these remarkable stones —
Kelvin James Company Director