Bespoke Design

When you come in through the doors of the Diamond Centre Wales, we understand just how important it is to capture your moment and make your dream a reality. From everyday miracles to life changing events, every moment has meaning. A unique piece of jewellery lets us carry those beautiful moments with us forever.

Some of you will have a picture as clear as crystal in your minds, while others will need help exploring and refining your inspirations. Either way, making a dream a reality takes dedication, time and skill.

We nurture our designers and goldsmiths to be the best they can be. With room to grow as individuals, as craftspeople and as artists, they can use the whole world as their inspiration and face each new challenge with fresh eyes. Step by step, they'll take you on a journey.

First, our designers will work with you to identify exactly what you have in mind and to refine your ideas into a workable design. If you have little idea of how your piece will look, they will take you through our huge portfolio of jewellery samples until you find inspiration and then work with you to make it unique.

Next, artistry meets technology as our CAD Design Team utilise the latest jewellery design software to construct a 3D virtual model enabling you to explore all the variations and options with a click of the mouse. They can create intricate designs in just a few hours that might take weeks for a master craftsman to design by hand. A wax replica of the piece is then built up layer by layer allowing you to see how it will look and feel when you wear it so you can be sure the reality lives up to your dreams. Only once the design is perfect do we hand it to our team of expert goldsmiths who employ their craft in our two purpose built, in-house workshops. 

Finally we take a final opportunity to make the Diamond Centre Wales experience extra special when we share a glass of Champagne with you in our Diamond Lounge VIP area, as you pick up your custom piece.

This perfect blend of artistry, technology, skill and experience means that fine, unique jewellery needn't be out of reach and you don't have to be royalty to make your dreams a reality.