Mark & Lara

There were many happy feet at Diamond Centre Wales when we received a wonderful message from Lara who had recently said Yes to Mark...from Antarctica!

Mark had worked with our Designers and Goldsmiths to create a unique Engagement ring for Lara. The ring holds a stunning pear-shaped Diamond and incorporates the iconic lines of a Penguin.

The design was only Stage 1 of Mark's romantic mission to deliver a truly breathtaking proposal. 

The long trip to the mythical continent of Antarctica didn't prevent Mark's well-prepared plans coming together when he proposed to Lara surrounded by Penguins at a well-chosen spot on a hilltop. 

We can truly say this is one of the most spectacular proposals we have seen and we were delighted to have played a part in it.

From us all at Diamond Centre Wales - Congratulations. 

News Articles
After a morning kayaking amongst humpback whales at Neko Harbour, Antarctica we went ashore for what was meant to be just a short uphill walk to the top of a penguin colony. The views at the top provided a stunning vista of glaciers, icebergs and crystal clear waters. It was whilst having a photo at this spot, surrounded by penguins that Mark proposed. Luckily for us the moment was captured on camera. Here is a photo of us moments after I said YES! As you can see we are both ecstatic, whilst the penguins in the background carry on with their lives, oblivious to the excitement around them! —
Lara Customer