Imprint Service Launched

Diamond Centre Wales are delighted to announce the launch of our Jewellery Imprint Service, a truly unique personalisation to your commissioned Wedding jewellery.

At Diamond Centre Wales we are constantly investing in new technology, craftsmanship and our ability to create more beautiful and unique jewellery. 

With the launch of "Imprint", you can truly have Wedding jewellery as unique as your fingerprint.

Using traditional methods, an impression of your fingerprint is taken and imported into our Design Software.

Select lines and contours are carefully copied into a truly exclusive design, which is grown into the wax model and directly cast in your desired precious metal.

To add this uniquely personal touch to your bespoke wedding Jewellery, please contact one of our expertly talented and friendly team on 01443 222 375 or email us at 

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We are delighted to launch Imprint. Your Wedding Rings symbolise a Life-long commitment to each other. The Diamond Centre Wales’s Imprint Service enables you to render a deep connection to the one you love for all time. —
Sharon James Director