As sported by Lady Gaga in her engagement ring, the heart shaped diamond, a symbol of love, is usually selected to be the centre piece in a show stopping romantic jewellery gift. Ideal for occasions such as birthdays, Valentines, anniversaries or just to say “I love you”, the heart shaped stone is a perfect fit.

Often they are used in pendants and earrings along with right hand rings.

Typically a heart shaped diamond has 59 facets, although the pavilion facets can vary.

As with many other diamond shapes, the heart shaped diamond needs good proportions for maximum scintillation. Too shallow or deep and the light won’t radiate out to dazzle the onlooker.

The best heart shaped diamonds are almost square and tend to be the most pleasing to the eye, however some can be longer.

We have a fine selection of heart shaped diamonds in our collection and available to purchase as a Diamond In A Box gift or to be made into a unique romantic jewellery gift.

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