Opal Heart Design

Diamond Centre Wales was commissioned to redesign a three-stone Opal right-hand ring.

The brief was to create a cluster design utilising the large, centre-stone Opal and incorporating additional Diamonds.

An Opal is a most stunning gemstone delivering a vibrant play-of-colour to the eye. Its combination with Diamonds offers an eye-catching display of fire and sparkle.

The first step was to create the design in CAD. Here our talented Designers calculate the exact dimensions of the ring to ensure the intricate details and overall shape are perfectly aligned and in balance.

Next, we render the ring using state-of-the-art jewellery design software to add visual clarity to the design and to ensure the customer is totally happy with the proposed design.

Finally, it's over to our experienced Goldsmiths to take the ring from design to sparkling reality.

If you are interested in having a piece or pieces of jewellery redesigned into a new contemporary piece then find out more HERE

News Articles
The original ring was given to me by my husband as a Christmas present back in the 80’s. It has always meant a lot to me as I know it took him a long time to choose it and obviously he had saved his money to buy it. I have always worn it over the years on special occasions or when going somewhere nice. But age and wear had taken its toll and two of the original three opals had chipped. I would never have parted with it, but also didn’t want to wear it.....so that’s when you guys came in. —
Beverley Customer